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Sunny Point Garden TomatoesTomatoes! So many wonderful varieties.

Fresh tomatoes are one of the great joys of having a vegetable garden. Yes, the plants can be tricky to grow and take a lot of care, but when harvest time comes along it is all worth it. In our opinion, eating a fresh tomato is one of the defining tastes of summer.

Visitors to our garden remark on the wide variety of tomatoes we have growing, often in colors they have never seen. Each year we plant a different combination of tomato varieties and there are always numerous volunteer plants that come up around the edges of the garden. At harvest time, the spread of colors, shapes and sizes is beautiful.

Our recent harvest basket containing the following varieties, shown clockwise starting in the upper left: Egg Yolk (round, yellow), Indigo Cherry Drops (round, purple/orange), Blueberries (smaller round, purple/orange), Blue Beauty (large irregular, pink/blue), one of our volunteer plants (large round, red), Black Vernisage (medium round, striped red/green), more Indigo Cherry Drops and Blueberries, Black Beauty (medium irregular, deep purple), Atomic Grape (medium oblong, striped green/yellow), another volunteer plant (small oblong, red), and Micheal Palin (medium pear, striped yellow/green).