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Seed Starts


Yes, folks, it is that time already! Here in the Sunny Point garden we start nearly all of our own vegetables and flowers from seed. The many little seedling beauties have been growing beneath the warmth of the grow lights for awhile now, as we tend to start our first round of seedlings in early March in order to get a jump start on the season. But have no fear, fellow gardeners, it is never too late! There are cool spring crops that can be direct sown in the garden, such as peas, beets, and carrots.

This photo captures our baby lettuce that will soon be transplanted outside. While it is still too cold at night here in Zone 7 for such sun-loving veggies as tomatoes and peppers, they can be started by seed indoors and transplanted outside when the temperatures rise… It is incredibly satisfying to take a teensy-tiny seed, sow it, and watch it transform into a seedling, then a full fledged plant. Really, it’s the little things in life, right?